Our Story


We are Paige and Raisa and we met because of Paige's older brother Bryan. Bryan and Raisa have been friends for about 7 years now. We met at the university we attended. After we graduated we remained good friends. Just recently, I had the chance to meet his sister Paige. Paige and I instantly became friends. We realized that we had many things in common such as, our love for books, ice cream (even though we are lactose intolerant), coffee/tea, nails and essential oils. We now go on many adventures; We love trying out different coffee shops and looking for the coolest bookstores and libraries.

Quote from Bryan: They're weird!

Raisa here:

I am a twenty-something that loves reading. I have a B.A in History, Communication Disorders, and MLIS. I'm currently, trying to go back to school, I know, I love school! When I am not reading; I am binge watching TV shows, making earrings, coloring my adult coloring books, playing with my dog, pretending that I know how to cook, exploring bookshops and texting Paige about the latest book I found. 

Paige here:

I'm twenty-something years old and I'm currently attending college in hopes to become a kindergarten teacher. Even though I usually have a lot of school work, I always find time to pick up a book or two. You can usually find me in the parking lot at school reading in my car, and reading on the couch. You can also find me at bookstores looking for new books to add to my pile that I need to read. 

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