Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

     I know I'm a little late in reading this book but I guess when the book is a classic it can never be too late. I’ve been hearing about this book for some time now, but I never thought of picking it up until recently. When I was reading through the introduction I couldn't help but find it really interesting. Here in America A Clockwork Orange the book only has seven chapters, but in other Countries, the book might have up to twenty chapters; if you're lucky you might accidentally stumble upon a rare copy that has the original twenty-one chapters. When I first decided to read this book I decided not to read any reviews that's mainly because I didn't want to go in already having other people's thoughts on this book clouding my mind.
     So now on with my review! This book is dark and if you’re like me I love dark books. There are many violent acts or should I say violent thoughts that appear throughout the entire book. I didn't want to book the book down because I always wanted to know what was going to happen. It took me a bit longer to actually finish the book but that's mainly because of my busy schedule at the time. Some of the language used was definitely different and sometimes hard to follow but the more I read the book the more I was able to decipher the language without a problem. There are many twists and turns that come with this particular novel, and if you haven’t read it yet I highly suggest that you do. This is actually going to be added into my must-reads list. After reading the book I'm very curious about how the movie is. Have any of you read the book or even seen the movie? Leave a comment down below we would love to read your thoughts.

Book reviewed by Paige

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