Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dare to be Kind by Lizzie Velasquez

A few month ago, I heard Lizzie Velasquez was releasing another book. I was super ecstatic and I could not wait to read her book. If you do not know who Lizzie Velasquez, I kindly invite you to watch this short thirteen-minute YouTube video.

Link: How do you define yourself?

So if you saw the video, you got to learn a bit about Lizzie.

I first heard about Lizzie Velasquez about three years ago. What quickly caught my attention is how Lizzie spoke about spreading kindness. Here was a young woman who was bullied online and how she chose to instead of allowing people to continue making fun of her, she turned it into something positive. She decided to stand up for herself and help others who are being bullied. In the book Dare to be Kind: How Extraordinary Compassion Can Transform Our World, Lizzie Velasquez discussed her experienced about being bullied as a child in school and online. Throughout, the book she discussed how everyday acts can create a more positive and friendly environment for children and adults alike. Furthermore, Velasquez mentions how the right attitude helps us overcome obstacles such as bullying, illness, and depression.

Two chapters particularly caught my attention. First, the chapter in which she talks about being officially given a name for her disorders after twenty-something years of not knowing. The other chapter that was of particular interest was the one in which Lizzie talks about her love life. I won’t spoil any of the chapters or the books for you.

Although, I knew part of her story at times I felt like certain parts were repetitive. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is experiencing any sort of bullying,
works with children or want to learn to see a difficult situation into something that can be a learning lesson.

If you read the book, please let us know your opinion!

Book reviewed by Raisa

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